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What Causes Amazon Outages? Do You Have More?



The robot vacuum did not start. Doorbell cameras have stopped monitoring package thieves, but some of their deliveries have been canceled anyway. The Netflix and Disney movies were interrupted, and the Associated Press had problems publishing news.

The massive outage of Amazon’s cloud computing network on December 7 has severely disrupted the services of various US companies for several hours, concentrating on Internet vulnerabilities and the hands of a small number of companies. Was questioned.

That uncertainty was highlighted on December 22, when Amazon reported another outage that caused problems for many of its cloud customers, albeit much shorter and less confusing than the December 7 issue. .. On the service’s status dashboard, Amazon reported that a power outage in one of its data centers confused customers running tasks on their servers.

Power was restored after about 45 minutes, but some customers said the problem continued to occur for about 12 hours after the outage. A hardware failure in the affected data center required some Amazon customers to completely restart their cloud-based systems.

How did it happen?

Amazon hasn’t said anything about what went wrong with the power outage in early December. The company then restricted communications to simplify the technical description on the Amazon Web Services dashboard, and a brief statement delivered via spokesman Richard Rocha said the outage was Amazon’s own warehouse and delivery. He admitted that it had an impact on his business, but said the company was “working to solve the problem.” as soon as possible. “I didn’t immediately answer any further questions on Wednesday.

The Amazon Web Services incident primarily affected the eastern United States, but nevertheless affected everything from airline bookings and car retailers to payment apps and video streaming services to Amazon’s own large-scale e-commerce. I did.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud service operation that stores customer data, performs online activities and more, and is Amazon’s huge profit center. According to research firm Gartner, the company occupies about 40% of the $ 64 billion global cloud infrastructure market, with a larger share than its closest rivals Microsoft, Alibaba and Google combined.

Previously, it was run by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, ​​who took over the founder Jeff Bezos in July.

Are there too many eggs in one basket?

Some cybersecurity experts have been warning for years about the potentially ugly consequences of allowing a handful of large tech companies to dominate major Internet operations.

“The recent AWS outage is a classic example of the dangers of centralized network infrastructure,” said Sean O’Brien, a visiting lecturer at Yale Law School’s cybersecurity. “Most people who browse the internet or use apps don’t know that, but Amazon is built into most apps and websites they use every day.” O’Brien said early Internet peer-to-peer. He said it is important to build a new network model that resembles the roots of. Massive outages have already knocked out vast areas of the world offline, as happened in the Facebook incident in October.

Even with the current model, enterprises have several options for splitting services between different cloud providers, but they can be complicated. Or, at the very least, you can allow the service to be moved to another region operated by the same provider. The outage on Tuesday primarily affected Amazon’s “USEast 1” region.

“That is, if we had a critical system that was only available in that area, we had a problem,” said Servaas Verbiest, lead cloud evangelist at SunGard Availability Services. “If you are very embraced by the AWS ecosystem and stick to using only its services and features, you need to balance your workload across regions.”

Has this ever happened before?

Yes. The last major outage for AWS was November 2020. There have been many other destructive and long-term Internet outages involving other providers. In June, behind-the-scenes content distributor Fastly failed, temporarily shutting down dozens of major internet sites, including CNN, the New York Times, and the UK Government’s home page. Another month of the month affected provider Akamai during peak Asian business hours in June.

With the October outage, Facebook (now known as Meta Platforms) has taken down Instagram and WhatsApp in addition to its nominal platform, a “wrong configuration change” of an hour-long global outage. Blame.

What about the government?

It was unclear how or if Tuesday’s outage affected the government, but many governments also depend on Amazon and its rivals.

Among the most influential organizations rethinking the approach of relying on a single cloud provider was the Pentagon. The Pentagon canceled its pending cloud computing contract with Microsoft in July. Instead, we will pursue transactions with both Microsoft and Amazon, and perhaps with other cloud service providers such as Google, Oracle, and IBM.

Earlier this year, the National Security Agency awarded Amazon a potential estimated $ 10 billion contract to be the only manager of NSA’s own migration to cloud computing. This agreement is known by the agency codename “Wild and Stormy”. The October General Accountability Office upheld Microsoft’s bid protest and determined that certain parts of the NSA’s decision were “irrational,” but the full decision has been categorized.

Amazon drivers will wait next to a delivery van for their logistics system to return online at the Amazon Delivery Station in Rosemead, CA on December 7, 2021. Amazon Web Services suffered a major outage on December 22nd. Individuals, universities, governments and businesses, including the Associated Press.

Amazon drivers are waiting next to the December 7th Crunchtime Station because their logistics system is offline at the Amazon Delivery Station in Rosemead, CA.

What Causes Amazon Outages? Do you have more?

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Ohio Receives 175,000 COVID-19 Test Kits Through Partnership



Columbus, Ohio — Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, Director of Health, Ohio, announced on Wednesday that more COVID-19 rapid tests will be available in Ohio thanks to the new partnership.

According to the release, the Rockefeller Foundation has participated in six states through the Project Access COVID test, making the test available to homes in poorly serviced areas.

The partnership’s first Ohio quota is 175,000 tests, which will be available for courier.

In its release, Dr. Vanderhoff said Ohio was one of the first states to ensure that free rapid testing was widely available. Over 5 million kits have been purchased and distributed to schools, libraries and community health departments.

“Because of the rapid shortage of tests nationwide, this partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation will help increase access to tests for high-risk people and reduce their spread in our community,” Vander said. Dr. Hoff said.

Ohio receives 175,000 COVID-19 test kits through partnership

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Governor Mike Dewein Discusses New Intel Facility




The project will create more than 20,000 jobs in the state.

Columbus, Ohio — Ohio authorities are discussing incentives in a decision to bring two new Intel chip manufacturing facilities to the state.

The briefing is hosted by Ohio State Development Director Lydia Miharik. You can see it on the following players:

DeWine announced a $ 20 billion investment last week, calling it “monumental news for Ohio.”

The project will create more than 20,000 jobs in the state. This includes 3,000 direct Intel jobs and 7,000 construction jobs during the build process.

Overall, the project is expected to add $ 2.8 billion to Ohio’s total annual production.

“The new plant in Ohio is part of a strategy to increase semiconductor R & D and global manufacturing capacity and restore leadership in the US semi-manufacturing industry,” said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger. Says. “Intel Ohio expects to become one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing sites over the next decade.”

You can know in detail, click here..

Governor Mike Dewein discusses new Intel facility

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Contribution of Verbs to the Webb Telescope Discussed at the Lima Astronomical Society on February 4th



LIMA — Robert Verb presents a $ 10 million James Webb Space Telescope’s beryllium mirror segment process and engineering involvement multimedia program at the Lima Astronomical Society meeting on Friday, February 4th.

The meeting was at 8 pm at 670 N. Jefferson St in Lima. It starts at the Schoonover Observatory in the Schoonover Park.

Verb is a former US Army officer and graduate of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Toledo. He was responsible for providing the correct chemical mixture, processing the material, and following up with the machining of beryllium mirrors and shipping to NASA.

Lima Astronomical Society: 8 pm, 670 N. Jefferson St in Lima. Schoonover Observatory in Schoonover Park. Robert Verb presents his contributions to the Webb Telescope.

Contribution of verbs to the Webb Telescope discussed at the Lima Astronomical Society on February 4th

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