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It Rains on Thanksgiving



It rains on Thanksgiving

12 18 And if you’re heading to a destination today, it looks very cold on the road, but fortunately the rain will have an impact. Yes, there are many more in the meteorologist Federico. Yes, a lot is happening from today to the weekend, so let’s talk about next week’s weather forecast. The weather in Cincinnati clearly varies from day to day. right? So tell your relatives who come to town to pack everything. Cold weather is the rule, but the next few days will be partially cloudy and dry on the day of tomorrow’s big trips. It’s the warmest day of the week here in Cincinnati, but only in my early 50s. Thanksgiving day starts first thing in the morning, so it’s average at this time of year. If you’re an early morning runner, it’s probably the best weather of the day. It is raining mottled for the first few hours of the morning, but it will rain by the morning. So by the time Thanksgiving Day begins around 9am, it will rain more, until lunch, and in the afternoon there will still be some stable rain. It is scattered late in the afternoon and can end between 6 and 8 pm. The total rainfall on Thanksgiving Day is about a quarter to perhaps 0.5 inches. When it rains, we head to Black Friday, so on Thanksgiving Day, we open the door for even colder air. So, if you’re short on getting a door buster first thing in the morning, 20 years will not be much better in the afternoon, but most of the afternoon will be hanging near freezing. And if you’re joining us to illuminate the square on Friday night at Fountain Square, I call it a festive cold. It’s a good way to say where to wear your winter hat, gloves and bring your hand warmers. Friday night is in my late twenties. Let’s see where we are now. I started at 20 degrees this morning and am in my mid-30s. And if you look at the afternoon, you’re probably running around the market and tonight. At Hyde Park, there is a turkey Turkey at the farmers market on Tuesday. It’s a great way to get some extra aspects, and some pies and temperatures will be in your thirties for that. So plan a cool night for us. This is a live radar with high pressure still controlled, with the exception of Lincoln’s hand snow showers in northern Pennsylvania and parts of New York. It’s pretty quiet today. So future casts will show us the clear sky throughout the afternoon. If you are on the road today. No worries. Tomorrow, as for the temperature of the big travel days entering the 1950s, you will notice that clouds are moving to our area, but in reality it is a system that affects travel planning not only here in the Midwest, but throughout the country. Is not so many. Wednesday. As we enter Thursday, we can see this next cold front beginning to be tidied up. It will rain on Thursday. So, the future cast on Thursday morning shows some uneven showers before the sun rises. However, in most towns, including downtown Cincinnati, it will rain steadily by mid-morning. Lunch time is the same in the middle of the afternoon. I think this particular model holds a range that’s a bit too long, but on Thursday nights between 6pm and 8pm, those rain showers come out and cold air begins to enter. Therefore, it will drop to 28 tonight. It’s sunny and very cold, but not as cold as this morning tomorrow. The chilly sunshine of 42 degrees should be a decent day. Tomorrow the temperature will actually rise to 53 degrees on Wednesday, but there is little breakdown on Wednesday here. It is 8 am at noon, 30 degrees at noon, and around 52:00 pm. Again, the rain starts in the morning and falls in the evening on Fridays. It gets chilly to illuminate the square. Temperatures can be in the late twenties as the trees are illuminated at the fountain square. Weekends are on the lookout for Sundays. At this point. It seems that assistants can move around our area and rain or snow here in Cincinnati. So if you’re heading to the Bengals-Steelers match on Sunday, it’s going to rain, it’s going to rain cold at the start of the match, and perhaps when the rain turns into a mixture of snow, you’ll be watching it very carefully towards the weekend, Megan and Colin. All right, Randy. Thank you. teeth? Yes Yes. Hmmm. Yes. Fall 2022 in Louisville. The game it’s 12:18. If you’re heading to your destination today, it looks like it’s cold on the road, but rain doesn’t affect you. Randy: There’s a lot going on from today to the weekend, so let’s talk about weather forecasts. The weather in Cincinnati is clearly different every day, so tell your relatives to pack everything. Cold weather is the rule. E Tomorrow’s big travel day, partly moody and dry, the warmest day of the week, but on average only in the low 50s. Thanksgiving Day, the first thing in the morning, if you are an early morning runner, you probably have the best weather of the day. OTSPTY is the first rain in the morning, but by around 9am on Thanksgiving Day, the rain is expected to spread more widely and have lunch. In the afternoon hours, there is still a stable shower, which can end between 6 pm and 8 pm on Thanksgiving Day. This is from the quarterly total to half an inch of rain. On Black Friday, the door opens when it rains. It’s in the 20’s, not so good in the afternoon, but the temperature is still hanging in the 20’s. I call it festive chill. ATTH is a great way to bring a warmer with you, wearing a winter hat and a coat. We made it in our mid-30s after starting at 20 degrees this morning. And through AFRNTEOON, you’re probably running around the market or tonight, DEHYPARK has Turkey on Tuesday. It’s a great way to get some extra pies and sides. Plan a cool night. Besides some lakes in Khan Shower in northern Pennsylvania and New York, the high pressure is still controlled and we are in a quiet state. If you’re on the road today, don’t worry. Tomorrow, the temperature in the 1950s. You will notice that the clouds are moving to the Midwestern NJOTUST, but across the country-you will notice that the clouds are moving to the region. It’s just in the Midwest, but there is no system across the country. This will bring us rain by THURSD. They have a shower in the morning before the sun rises, but due to mid-morning or so, most towns, including Downtown Cincinnati WL, have stable weather. This particular model keeps the rain a little longer, but between 6pm and 8pm Thursday night, the shower moves into the cold air. Tonight we are down to 28 degrees, a clear sky, and a very cold place. Motor low, 42 degrees, Chile sunshine. Should be decent-42 degrees, EE CHILLY SUNSHINE. Thursday is our weather impact day. The rain starts in the morning and moves in the evening. It gets chilly on Fridays to brighten the square. The temperature can be in the late twenties as it illuminates the tree in the fountain square. I keep an eye on Sunday. It looks like a system that brings a shower of rain to Cincinnati and can end up like snow could move through our area.Rain and cold at the start of the game

The days of big trips are calm and it rains on Thanksgiving.

Cincinnati —

The days of big trips are calm and it rains on Thanksgiving.

It rains on Thanksgiving

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Three Hostages From an Ohio-based Missionary Organization Released by a Haitian Gang




According to the organization, three hostages were released from a group of 17 missionaries captured by street gangs in October after traveling to Haiti with an Ohio-based Christian organization.

Christian Aid Ministry is based in Holmes County and offers missionary opportunities primarily to “Amish, Mennonite and other conservative Anabaptist groups.” It issued a statement on Monday morning confirming that the three released hostages “look safe and energetic.” Details of them have not been disclosed, but the total number of hostages released after the two were released last month is now five.

Of the 17 people captured in October, five were children. The street gang who kidnapped them, 400 Mawozo, initially demanded $ 1 million per hostage to pay the ransom. No details were provided about the payments made to secure the release of the hostages.

“For the next three days, I want to focus on praying for hostages and fasting,” said a statement from the Christian Aid Ministry. “Please continue to intercede for those who are still detained and those who have been liberated. I sincerely hope that all hostages will reunite with their loved ones. Thank you for your prayer support. To do.”

On October 16, a group of missionaries, including 16 Americans and 1 Canadian, was abducted in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. As a lucrative business model, we turned our attention to kidnapping and ransom payments.

*** ***
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Three hostages from an Ohio-based missionary organization released by a Haitian gang

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The Kenton Representative Bill Aims to Recruit and Retain Ohio Students.



Columbus — Ohio University graduates with full-time work in the state are exempt from state income tax for up to three years under a law proposed by Republican lawmakers on Monday for recruitment and retention. increase. Ohio college student.

Companies offering paid college internships will receive tax cuts, the state will offer up to $ 100 benefit-based scholarships to students outside the state, and more money will be added to Ohio’s college grants. A bachelor’s degree, according to plans from Republican Kenton Rep. John Cross.

To receive an out-of-state scholarship, students must be in the top 5% of graduation classes and have a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

The goal is to “encourage young people in Ohio to live, learn, work and prosper in Ohio and leave the state after graduation,” said the Chairman of the House Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education. Cross says.

Cross did not have a price tag for the bill, but said the cost had to be balanced with the potential income growth of those who stayed in the state or came to Ohio as a result of incentives. Mr. Cross said that Ohio once had 24 parliamentary districts, but has been reduced to 15 due to migration in other parts of the country.

The states that have recently won house seats, such as Texas, Florida, and Colorado, have also seen significant population growth, but Ohio has experienced only a small increase of about 11.8 million.

Cross was announced on Monday with the addition of several university presidents, including leaders from Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University, University of Cincinnati, Marietta College, and Ursuline College on the outskirts of Cleveland.

26% of Findlay students are from outside the state, and 62% of school graduates work in Ohio, says Findlay President Katherine Fell.

“We want to make it a bigger percentage, and with this bill we believe it will happen,” she said.

Cross points that many other states offer incentives to attract students, including Alabama, which offers generous scholarships to students outside the state, and a creative approach is needed. I said there is.

“Who wants to go to Alabama? I don’t,” Cross said. “But Ohio has a pipeline of students going to Alabama, so we need to be competitive.”


The Kenton representative bill aims to recruit and retain Ohio students.

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Former Senator Bob Dole Dies at Age 98




During his 36-year career at Capitol Hill, Dole has become one of the most influential members and leaders of the Senate.

Bob Dole overcomes neutralizing the wounds of war and becomes a leader of the Senate with a sharp tongue from Kansas, a Republican presidential candidate and then a symbol and blesser of his declining generation. became World War II veterans, Died. He was 98 years old.

His wife, Elizabeth Dole, posted an announcement on Twitter on Sunday.

Dole announced in February 2021 that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. During his 36-year career at Capitol Hill, Dole has become one of the most influential legislators and leaders in the Senate, combining his talent for compromise with his wisdom of caustic alkali. , that too.

He forms tax policy, foreign policy, agriculture and nutrition programs, the rights of persons with disabilities, and enshrines protection against discrimination in employment, education and public services under Americans with Disabilities Act. Sign language interpreters at today’s accessible government agencies, national parks, sidewalk ramps, and official local events are his legacy and fellow legislation that he put together for its radical civil rights law 30 years ago. It’s just a few of the more visible features of that person.

In his later years, Dole devoted himself to the memory of injured veterans, comrades who fell at Arlington National Cemetery, and the declining generation of World War II veterans.

It’s heartfelt to announce that Senator Robert Joseph Doll fell asleep early this morning. At the age of 98 after his death, he faithfully served the United States for 79 years. Details will be released soon. #RememberingBobDole

— Elizabeth Dole Foundation (@DoleFoundation) December 5, 2021

In 2004, thousands of old soldiers gathered at the National Mall because Dole called it “our last reunion” in the dedication of the World War II Memorial. He was the driving force behind that creation. “Our rank is down,” he said then. “But if we gather in the dim light, it is brightened by the knowledge that we have maintained faith with our peers.”

Far from Kansas, Dole lived in the prestigious Watergate complex, in the capital, in the center of power, and in the shadows of his retirement. When he left politics and joined a law firm with prominent Democrats, he joked that he had taken his dog to work to talk to another Republican.

He tried three times to become president. Last in 1996, he won the Republican nomination only when he saw President Bill Clinton reelected. He sought the party’s presidential nomination in 1980 and 1988, and was nominated for Republican Vice President in 1976 on a defeat ticket with President Gerald Ford.

Former Senator Bob Dole dies at age 98

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