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How Automation in Medical Billing Can Prove to Be a Game Changer for Healthcare Providers in 2022



As the world continues its fight against Covid-19, healthcare organizations are looking for innovative ways to mitigate recent challenges. From telemedicine to remote access, software solutions offer answers to address value-based caregiving. Among other things, medical billing processing needs to be designed to address the need of the hour. As the healthcare panorama significantly shifts, medical billing solutions must be built to adapt to the requirements of remote caregiving, telehealth, and updated safety norms.   

mHealth is now the center point of all caregiving strategies. More than a stop-gap arrangement that addresses healthcare needs during the pandemic, healthcare automation is currently envisioned as the future of healthcare. Custom healthcare solutions and integrated care management are consistently aligned to offer automation in hospitals. As caregivers focus on innovative ways to provide care for patients, medical billing solutions need to fall in line to provide automated and hassle-free billing solutions. Medical billing codes are frequently updated, medical coding automation can be integrated into medical billing automation through automated medical coding solutions.   

Features, such as front-edge software and web-based solutions, are a given. However, customization and automation in medical billing can no longer be undermined in their utility. Automated medical billing software can considerably boost overall billing systems, minimize errors in integrated healthcare systems and accelerate claims processing. With flexibility and agility as the top priority, the automated medical billing process includes physician billing solutions, HIPAA compliance solutions, etc. Challenges must be identified for a seamless workflow in automated health systems, and medical billing systems software features can be incorporated accordingly.   

Futuristic Features of Automation in Medical Billing

1. Patient Preregistration

This step is a crucial component of automation in medical billing. The billing workflow is significantly optimized through an accurate and consistent system of patient preregistration. The onboarding and inflow process of medical records management allows patients to experience a higher level of satisfaction through reduced wait times. Additionally, with a purview of patient history, insurance eligibility, and Medicare provider enrolment, this feature of patient engagement systems provides overall efficiency in the software for medical billing. As preliminary information is already collected at appointment scheduling, this preregistration process can reduce vulnerabilities to billing errors. Medical billing software companies can incorporate an appointment scheduling app.

2. Automatic Population of Claims Data

This feature of automated health systems is a must-have and eliminates the requirement for manual intervention of data reentries. Through automation in healthcare, systems are equipped to generate the data based on initial entries automatically. Thus, the data is organically generated and programmed efficiently through clinical data analysisClaims management services are essential in medical billing reporting to save time and reduce inaccuracies. The many steps involved in healthcare claims management are relatively time-consuming to undertake manually. The medical claims process is an integral part of issuing invoices, and automating medical claims processing creates efficiency and accuracy for billing staff at the healthcare organization. The medical billing workflow is entirely electronic through medical claims processing, and paperless collections ensure streamlined and seamless communications between patients, caregivers, and providers.

3. Patient Coverage Verification

Automation in healthcare and electronic health records are applied to cut down on delays wherein the eligibility of the patient’s coverage can be confirmed electronically, and payment recovery processes can be immediately started. This eliminates the frustrating time lag owed to inactive coverage causing denials. Whether at healthcare scheduling, or post-care payment, hospital management is significantly boosted through flexible payment options. When incorporated into the core functionality of the integrated healthcare system, financial management can considerably increase healthcare payment.

4. Error Identification and Rectification

Medical billing software for billing companies should be able to identify errors during claim submission and offer suggestions for rectifications through healthcare providers solutions. These errors can then be eliminated before submission with automated suggestions. Automated accounting in medical billing software involves medical billing and coding analysis through medical billing codes, medical document management, insurance claims management, accounts receivables, Medicare and Medicaid coverage, and the overall healthcare revenue cycle. Furthermore, error-free invoices and bill generation reduce rejected or denied claims. Electronic bills, automated payment reminders, seamless medical billing, and coding are all features of automated accounting that enhance revenue cycle management. Medical billing companies can consider this a core component of their billing software.

5. Highlighting Discrepancies

Healthcare automation solutions should be capable of highlighting claims that are likely to be rejected or refused through healthcare analytics solutions. This will enable faster problem-solving and increase efficiency. Based on past inputs, automated health systems can predict claims that are potentially those which could be denied. With medical automation, prioritization becomes much easier through this feature, with immediate attention demanded towards certain areas, such as pending matters. The healthcare revenue cycle management process is instantly uplifted through fewer errors, which translates to higher profits.

6. Electronic Submission of Claims

An automated health system comes with the capability to create, verify and submit claims electronically through electronic data exchange. This erases the need for manual paperwork. Accessibility is increased through electronic documentation and records. Medical coding and billing is a process that is prone to consistent errors due to the constant updates and changes in medical codes. Revenue cycle management is adversely affected through rejected or denied claims, usually resulting from inaccurate coding. Medical billing companies are spared a heavy burden when the software is equipped with efficient and accurate coding methodologies.

7. Real-time Updates and Checks

High-performance automated health services software provides real-time access to current and past claims, along with areas that need to be checked. Healthcare process automation reduces the need for manual processing. The benefits are much more when the medical billing software has instant and uninterrupted access to the updated patient database through integrated health systems. Medical billing companies must ensure that EHR/ EMR access is given to the medical coding and billing department to boost the revenue cycle for healthcare. Finally, it allows access to medical records, insurance eligibility, Medicare coverage, prescriptions, medication, etc. Finally, professional claims can be adjudicated in real-time through interactive, transactional experiences through cloud computing in healthcare.

8. Monitoring of Accounts Receivables (A/R)

Automating healthcare processes create the ability, within a medical automation system, to provide access to accounts and pending matters, thereby reducing costs related to policy and medical claims. Additional features include tracking of receivables and fraud detection through clinical informatics solutions. Robust reporting technologies allow seamless workflow between caregiving and billing, providing an all-rounded efficiency. Ideally, an efficient methodology is a smart dashboard that interconnects all patient-related information.

9. Optical Character Recognition

Even though automated health care solutions have been prevalent for several years now, medical billing management has constantly evolved to provide higher satisfaction to all the entities involved in the healthcare industry. One such automated healthcare feature is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which has high potential in diminishing the possibility of serious errors in coding and claims filing through healthcare interoperability. This is done through efficient scanning of documents, electronic programming, and isolation.

10. Business Intelligence

Simply put, smart physician billing solutions can offer business insights for revenue generation and increment, such as population health management. Healthcare billing software is the primal branch of healthcare that generates revenue for the organization. Therefore, to maximize profits, business intelligence capabilities are a must in billing software for healthcare. Whether it’s mobile functionality for telemedicine tracking, information capturing, and rendering, overall business assessments increase the power of your software for medical billing.


The strengths of healthcare billing solutions are determined over multiple factors. Physician billing companies can increase functionality through automation in medical billing to enhance patient satisfaction, revisits, and overall revenue generation. The trick to success lies in ensuring that your billing and coding software is embedded with features that will satisfy the evolving needs of healthcare. Patient billing software with a user-friendly interface and the features mentioned above is a sure-shot success model toward increasing overall profits. When closing in on medical billing software, it would be prudent to choose one that requires minimal training of medical billing staff and can be easily accessed across the board. Finally, a robust solution requires a stellar support offering through phone, web, and email channels. Training documentation is another handy tool for continual access by medical staff. If your chosen software adheres to all the features mentioned above, you can rest assured of billing success in the current and future scenarios.   

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Cincinnati Reds Johnny Bench Sends a Message to Fiona on Her Birthday



Fiona is celebrating her fifth birthday and everyone, including the Cincinnati Reds legend, Johnny Bench, the fifth catcher, is celebrating her birthday. Bench posed with a stuffed hippo and sent Fiona a special video message. Bench house stuffed animals. Represents the Cincinnati Zoo Fiona and all the wonderful animals. But Fiona is special. Happy birthday, Fiona. I also sent her birthday message, including her dad’s joke. “What do you call a hippo in a phone booth? I’m stuck.” Primitive scholar Jane Goodall sent Fiona a video message celebrating her fifth birthday. Goodall, a primatologist known around the world for his work on Cincinnati, congratulated Fiona on turning five. Zoo, here you are big and strong, “Goodall said in a video message. Fiona, who gave birth six weeks prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo on January 24, 2017, weighs only 29 pounds at her birth and is 25 pounds less than her recorded minimum birth weight. She is her seed. She survived thanks to her tireless efforts to save her, encouraging many to take care of her species and wildlife.

Cincinnati —

Fiona is celebrating her fifth birthday and everyone, including the Cincinnati Reds legend, Johnny Bench, the fifth catcher, is celebrating her birthday.

Bench posed with a stuffed hippo and sent Fiona a special video message.

“This is one of our favorite plush toys at the bench house. It represents Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo and all the wonderful animals. But Fiona is special. Happy Birthday, Fiona.”

The bench was one of the local legends wishing Fiona a happy birthday.

Drew Lachey also sent a birthday message, including his dad’s joke.

“What do you call a hippo at the phone booth? I’m stuck.”

Primatologist Jane Goodall sent Fiona a video message celebrating her fifth birthday.

Goodall, a primatologist known around the world for his research on chimpanzees, congratulated Fiona on turning five.

“I know you had a hard time getting into the world. Perhaps your mom did, but thanks to the people who took care of you at the zoo, you’re big and strong here.” Goodall said in her video message.

Fiona, who gave birth six weeks prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo on January 24, 2017, weighed only 29 pounds at birth. This is 25 pounds less than the recorded minimum birth weight of her species. She survived thanks to her tireless efforts to save her, encouraging many to take care of her species and wildlife.

Cincinnati Reds Johnny Bench sends a message to Fiona on her birthday

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How to Determine If a KN95, N95 Mask Is a Counterfeit Product




Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have seized millions of counterfeit masks. Here’s how to find a fake:

As highly contagious Omicron variant of COVID-19 The surge continues in the United States, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently updated its guidance. Mask type Provides maximum protection to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to the CDC, proper respiratory organs, including N95, approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) provide the highest level of protection against COVID-19. Meanwhile, the Federal Public Health Service says that about 60% of KN95 masks sold in the United States in 2020 and 2021 did not meet NIOSH standards and were therefore flagged as counterfeit.In fact, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials Seized millions of counterfeit masks Since the start of the pandemic.Now many people online I’m wondering if there is a way to find a fake mask.


Is there a way to determine if the KN95 or N95 mask is counterfeit?

Source of information


Yes, there is a way to determine if the KN95 or N95 mask is counterfeit.

What we found

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is a federal agency responsible for testing and approving masks and respiratory organs used in US workplaces.Before the mask is approved by NIOSH, it is the agency’s Respiratory approval programThis ensures that the mask and respiratory system meet the minimum structural, performance and respiratory protection standards.

NIOSH does not approve KN95 masks or other masks designed to comply with international standards. According to the CDC, the KN95 mask is manufactured in China and complies with the standards of the Chinese government.

Indicates that the N95 mask is NIOSH approved

NIOSH labels and numberes all masks it approves. Here’s how to find that information:

First, check the approval label on or inside the mask’s package, or look for the abbreviated approval of the mask itself. This certificate must include a number.

This approval number is NIOSH Certified Equipment List or NIOSH trusted source page..

NIOSH-approved masks always have one of the following:


“If you have an unprinted N95, it’s probably not a real N95 and you’ll want to avoid using it,” said Nikki Vars McCullough, Global Technical Services and Regulatory Manager for Personal Safety. .. Mask maker 3M division.

Indicates that the N95 mask is forged

NIOSH lists how to detect if a mask may be forged On that website:

Filtering facepiece respirator has no markings
No Facepiece Respirator or Headband Filtering Approval (TC) Number
No NIOSH marking
NIOSH misspelled
Presence of decorative fabrics or other decorative add-ons (such as sequins)
Claims of Approval for Children (NIOSH does not approve any kind of respiratory protection for children)
The filter facepiece respirator has ear loops instead of a headband
The photo of the package is not clear

You can also look for alerts about specific products that are known to be fake.

If NIOSH becomes aware of a counterfeit mask or fake NIOSH approval, the agency will typically post a photo of the mask and its packaging online to warn users, buyers and manufacturers. click here Shows a list of the latest NIOSH counterfeit masks.

Show that your KN95 is genuine

ECRI, the largest patient safety organization in the United States, Announce research In September 2020, it was found that up to 70% of the nearly 200 KN95 masks tested did not meet NIOSH standards for efficacy, and many imported KN95 masks, as the name implies, accounted for 95% of aerosol particles. It turned out that it was not filtered. However, although ECRI’s vice president of technology and safety, Michael Argentieri, said that KN95 does not meet US regulatory standards, it “generally provides greater respiratory protection than surgical or cloth masks.” It states.

Kelly Carrosers, Director of Government Affairs Project N95, VERIFY Sister Station WTHR told There is one trick to make sure the KN95 is genuine.

“You need to look at the side of the mask, which should say GB2626-2019 or GB2626-2006,” Carothers said.

What to look for when shopping online

During the pandemic, many people used sites like Amazon to buy masks. question The authenticity of masks sold on the Amazon Marketplace. An Amazon spokesperson told VERIFY in a statement that the company had “a rigorous seller review and product review process to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and Amazon policies.” rice field.

“Before listing N95 and KN95 masks in our store, we supply them from a trusted manufacturer by examining the supplier’s invoice, tracking inventory, checking packaging and product descriptions, and comparing with CDC’s counterfeit mask list. Make sure it is done, “said a spokeswoman.

Amazon customers can also contact the company’s customer support team to refund the full amount of their order if the product does not arrive or does not arrive as advertised.

According to NIOSH, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying masks online.

If you claim that your listing is “legitimate” and “genuine,” it may not be.
If the retailer or manufacturer claims that the KN95 mask is NIOSH approved
If possible, check transaction history and reviews
Will there be any changes to the items sold over time (high or low transaction period)?
Are there any price fluctuations or fluctuations? (Is it too good to be true?)
Look at the quantity the buyer has in stock
Does the seller violate the marketplace policy and hide contact information in the image?
Is your primary contact email address connected to your website or is it a free email account?
Look for bad grammar, typos, and other errors
Note the cookie cutter website where the seller exchanges some websites

How to report counterfeit masks

Before reporting a counterfeit mask to NIOSH, the agency will check the TC approval number (such as TC 84A-XXXX) to see if the identified mask is counterfeit or misrepresents NIOSH approval. It states that it needs to be done. NIOSH certified equipment List and verification Required approval marking.. next, False Respirator / NIOSH Approved Web Page Misrepresentation Check if the respiratory system is listed.

If the mask is not listed, you can send an email to More about the respirator. If possible, NIOSH is telling you to include a photo of the mask and its packaging in your submission. People can also report counterfeit COVID-19 products, including masks, to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by email.

Details of VERIFY: Yes, you can reuse the KN95 and N95 masks several times.Here’s how to do it right:

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Text: 202-410-8808

How to determine if a KN95, N95 mask is a counterfeit product

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Road Recommendations After Snowy Weather



LIMA —Sunday morning winter weather left slippery, snow-covered roads in counties in some areas. Several counties have declared Level 1 road recommendations.

Allen County Sheriff Matt Treglia declared Level 1 at 10:11 am. He warned that snow- and ice-covered roads could drift. Great care should be taken as operating conditions can be dangerous.

Auglaize County Sheriff Michael Vorhees issued Level 1 on snowy or ice-covered roads at 11:00 am.

Jeff Gray’s office, Sheriff of Mercer County, reported that several cars had slipped off the road, but did not make any recommendations.

Hancock County Sheriff Michael Heldman issued Level 1 at 9:55 am, focusing on dangerous roads.

A snowplow passes through the intersection of Force Street and Locust Street in Ottawa on Sunday morning. snowplow passes through the intersection of Force Street and Locust Street in Ottawa on Sunday morning.

Road recommendations after snowy weather

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