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Goldman Sachs Analysts Shoot for Ethereum at $8,000 With Expected 80% Rally



Ethereum recently hit a new all-time high following a tremendous bull run alongside top crypto bitcoin. The altcoin has enjoyed glowing success as the market turns to the upside in terms of sentiment. This has helped push ETH and countless altcoins towards new highs in the market. Expectations have been on the rise following this success and Goldman Sachs market analysts believe there are merits to the expectations.

Ethereum’s rally towards $4,400 has set it on a path for even greater value. Faith in the asset has been on the rise in the past few months despite the slow month of September. This has caused an influx of both retail and institutional investors into the digital asset, who are investing for the long-term rather than chasing short-term gains. The push towards ETH at $10K continues and market analysts are marking a path that could lead the market there.

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Gearing Up For $8,000

Market analysts at Goldman Sachs have said Ethereum’s price movements in line with inflation if continued, may place the asset in position for another upward rally. Goldman Sachs Global Markets Managing Director Bernhard Rzymelka circulated a note that outlined the correlation of ETH’s price movements with inflation breakevens for the past two years.

Inflation has been one of the driving forces behind the adoption of crypto in recent times. As countries shut down due to the pandemic in 2020, inflation rates around the globe shot up as nations could no longer carry out trade with one another. This has persisted into 2021 with inflation rates for the United States at 4.2%. As such, investors have had to find better ways than traditional investment options to hedge against growing inflation and digital currencies as Ethereum has presented as an option.

ETH price drops from ATH | Source: ETHUSD on

Goldman Sachs market analysts put forward that if ETH continues to follow the same line, then the digital asset will rally 80% towards $8,000. However, the analysts explained that this could go either way. Investors’ views of current inflation pressures may persist and if they do, it could be “a sign of exhaustion and peaking, or a starting point of an accelerating rally upon a break higher,” the note said.

Ethereum Trending Higher

Ethereum had trended downwards after losing its footing above $4,400. Bulls had hoped to settle the digital asset above the $4,500 but market momentum dropping during the weekend has seen ETH register lower than expected in the early hours of Monday. This had however not deterred the bulls as the asset is poised to begin another rally to once again test the $4,400 price point.

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The recently completely Altair upgrade had brought more interest into the asset. With this upgrade, ETH is one step closer to becoming a deflationary asset, a turnaround expected to trigger a surge in the price of the asset once the coins become more scarce.

Although indicators point to more bullish movement, a fall below the $4,300 resistance point will drag the asset farther down. This could see the asset touch back down towards $4,000 again. However, major resistance to this downside will come at $4,150.

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It’s Official! Online Retail Giant Newegg Confirms That It Will Accept Shiba Inu



Major tech retailer Newegg Commerce Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG) has officially confirmed that it will accept Shiba Inu (CRYPTO: SHIB). 

In a recent tweet, Newegg said, “Coming soon to Newegg…$SHIB”. 

Coming soon to Newegg…$SHIB @ShytoshiKusama #ShibArmy #Shib #friendshib #newegg #blackfriday #cybermonday

— Newegg (@Newegg) November 26, 2021


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After Raising $5.3 Million, Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) Gears for Series B & Public Token Sale




Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) has successfully raised $3 million for its Series A funding round led by some notable venture capitalists such as CSP DAO Inc, Halvings Capital Ltd, Oracles Investment Group, GDA Capital and Deltahub Capital.

The raised funds will be used for marketing AGV’s public token sale, covering operational and management expenses, and for the acquisition of new nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and equities on companies that develop play-to-earn (P2E) games.

At the time of writing, AGV has raised a total of $5.3 million after its Seed and Series A funding rounds. They have a total of 2,036 Axie Infinity scholars, 50,000+ Discord community members and 75,000+ Facebook followers. Recently, AGV has invested $800K in BMG, a Florida-based gaming studio behind the play-to-earn NFT games Kart Racing League and Realms of Ethernity (ROE).

AGV Series B and public sale

AGV is set to launch its Series B, or private token sale, on its website on November 17, 2021 at 2 pm UTC, and its public token sale on December 17, 2021. AGV has been audited by Certik.

What is Astra Guild Ventures (AGV)

Astra Guild Ventures (AGV) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in NFTs, P2E games and other blockchain projects. The DAO aims to build a global community of investors, tech leaders, NFT and blockchain enthusiasts and P2E players.

AGV boasts itself as the first DAO and NFT gaming guild that completely discloses its real-time earnings through its earnings dashboard and has a completely verifiable and publicly available list of assets.

AGV will also be launching its DAO Governance Board where AGV holders are able to propose and vote changes on the DAO’s rules and decisions. This makes AGV one of the first NFT gaming guilds to fully launch a decentralized platform.

Transparency and growth: Driving reasons for investments in AGV

With a lot of projects launching in the blockchain and crypto space, finding the right project to invest in is difficult — this is exactly what the AGV investors realized and what made them trust AGV. The transparency features that AGV meticulously integrated into its operations as a DAO was one main turning point.

Astra Guild has its own earnings and governance dashboard integrated together to provide a one-stop platform to AGV holders where they participate and decide for the DAO and view their investment status. The rapid growth of the Astra Guild community has also been a factor, in just three months Astra Guild’s membership blew up to 51,000+ members, hailing it as one of the fastest-growing NFT gaming guilds in the world — clear evidence that the NFT and blockchain market is on the rise.

List of investors

Encrypted Investments Limited, Vespertine Capital, Three M Capital, GDA Capital, Kangaroo Capital, DEC.Ventures, CSP DAO, Connectico Capital, Halvings Capital, DeltaHub Capital, NFT Technologies, Oracles Investment Group, Mars Dao, Point3 Ventures, International Blockchain Consulting Group, Follow[the]Seed, Interstellar Ventures, CrowdCreate, Ruby Capital Singapore, Dot Finance LTD, NFT Stars Limited, GAINS Associates, Seedthrift Ventures, Almora Capital, BIP32 Ventures and Wolf of Markets. Some notable Angel Investors include Alexander Kondrashov, Moon Carl and Ronny Roehrig.

Anyone interested in joining Astra Guild Ventures’ Series B, may register here to receive instructions and announcements straight to their inbox.

AGV will be distributing 37,500,000 AGV with 10% to be released on Token Generation Event and the remaining 90% is subject to 12 months vesting.



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