This seems like a logical and obvious update for Pinterest’s new Idea Pins.

As shown in this image, posted by blogger Yasser Massod, Pinterest is testing out a new ‘Highlights’ element for Idea Pins, which would enable creators to showcase their best Idea Pins at the top of their profile display.

Idea Pins are currently displayed in posted order on the ‘Created’ tab on your profile page, where they remain in perpetuity, enabling creators to get more value out of the platform’s Stories-like offering (as opposed to disappearing after 24 hours).

The new ‘Highlights’ element would appear above the existing content tabs, and below your bio info, which is prime real estate for showcasing your best Idea Pins, and ideally generating more engagement.

Idea Pins link into the rising popularity of short-form video, and the full-screen presentation of Stories, with users able to add up to 20 frames per sequence – either still images or video – to create a more comprehensive overview or narrative.

The capacity to present your best Idea Pins could be a big step in getting optimal value out of the option, and guiding profile visitors to the exact Idea Pins that you want to drive interest and traffic.

If it gets released. We’ve asked Pinterest for more info on the test of Idea Pin highlights, and we’ll update this post if/when we hear back, but given that similar highlights options are already available on Instagram, it makes sense for Pinterest to lean into the same, and give creators more options for presenting their content