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15 Twist Hairstyles for Natural Hair That Are Perfect for Winter



One of the most popular protective hairstyles out there for natural hair are twists. According to Cantu Beauty brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist Angela C Stevens, twist hairstyles can be worn for weeks or can be undone for a curly look. Where they differ from braids is in how they have a bouncier effect and coil at the bottom, she says. Braids usually have less movement when done on natural hair and are typically a bit heavier.

While twists suit most curls, she does suggest this style specifically for tighter curls and dense hair. “There’s a spring-like effect to the look which makes them super cute, and they can be taken down faster and easier than braids when worn over a few weeks,” she says.

If you’re looking to do this protective style at home, the steps are pretty easy. First, separate hair into two sections. Then begin twisting each section, creating a double coil until you reach the end. Then finish by twirling the remaining hair with one finger and repeat with other sections.

As far as maintenance goes, it is pretty straightforward. She suggests putting natural oil on the scalp daily to alleviate dryness and itching. Something like Cantu’s Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil, she says, helps soothe and moisturize the scalp. She also recommends sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillowcase.

With all that in mind, if you’re looking for a new protective style to try out, give twists a shot. Below are 15 twist hairstyles for inspiration.

Twisted Crown

Yara Shahidi wore two twisted sections across her forehead like a crown. With some strands of loose curls peeking out and more twisted sections falling down in front, it’s a very unique way to wear twists.

Half-Up, Half-Down Twists

You can’t go wrong with a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Just gather some twists at the top and let the rest cascade down in the back.

Long Passion Twists

Wear your passion twists long and — like Gen Z prefers — parted down the middle.

Senegalese Twist Updo

Lupita Nyoung’o wears Senegalese twists gathered at the top for a classic updo.

Blonde Ombré Twists

Who doesn’t love a good ombré? This blonde ombre twist is parted to the side.

Marley Twists

Named after beloved reggae legend Bob Marley, Marley twists are low tension and fairly low maintenance. Solange wears hers jumbo style for a really effortless look.

Deep Side Part

Sorry Gen Z, but side parts still remain a classic style. Wear your twists parted deeply on your good side.

High Pony Twists

Keke Palmer wears her long jumbo crochet twists gathered at the top and cascading back down.

Geometric Twists

Tracee Ellis Ross styles her twists by tying the ends back up in the middle of a twisted section to create a loop.

Side-Swept Twists

Follow Gabrielle Union’s lead and gather your twists all to one side for a side-swept look.

Dutch Twists

Section hair in two parts and wear a twist hairstyle like model Jourdan Dunn .

Classic Two-Strand Twist

Tried and true, the classic two-strand twist is a simple hairstyle, especially if you’ve got short to medium length coils.

Beaded Accessories

Kerry Washington accessorizes her Senegalese twists with gold metallic cuffs throughout for a decorative spin on her protective style.

Gold Details

Another way to accessorize your hairstyle? Intertwining a thin gold string in your twists for a subtle, super pretty detail.

Twisted Updo Crown

Gather your twists in a high tight updo for a really elegant and regal look.

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‘And Just Like That’ Episode 9 Outfits Are Perfectly Impractical



The best outfits seen on episode nine of “And Just Like That,” a “Sex and the City” reboot.

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The Best Memes & Tweets About the UK Government’s ‘Partygate’



In December 2021, news broke that a series of alleged staff parties and lockdown breaches had occurred within Downing Street and Whitehall offices during the height of lockdown. In the weeks following, it’s been almost impossible to avoid the increasing amount of headlines and buzz regarding what is now being dubbed “partygate”.

The ongoing scandal has so far led to the resignation of former government advisor, Allegra Stratton, after a video in which she joked about a Downing Street Christmas party was leaked to the press.

Since then, things have only gotten worse for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party. Downing Street and Whitehall have been accused of hosting No. 10 garden drinks in May 2020, hosting two parties on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021, and hosting multiple leaving-dos for Downing Streets aides and advisors, among other alleged parties. That’s a lot of parties…

More recently, ITV News reported that around 30 people attended a birthday event for the Prime Minister in June 2020. Downing Street later admitted the gathering took place — and this latest revelation will likely form part of the ongoing investigation into parties in No 10 during lockdown, which is being lead by the senior civil servant, Sue Gray, BBC reports.

Per The Guardian, the scandal has not gone down well with some Conservative MPs, many of whom are reportedly planning to send letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson — which could see him ousted from his position as Prime Minister.

Naturally, social media has had a lot to say about the “partygate” scandal. Tweeting in response to one Tory MP’s claim that Johnson was “ambushed with a cake,” culinary queen Nigella Lawson wrote, “Ambushed by Cake: it just has to be the title of my next book! #AmbushedByCake.”

Others were quick to join in with their own hilarious takes. The Scotsman correspondent, Alexander Brown, joked, “Have you been ambushed with a cake that wasn’t your fault? You may be entitled to compensation.”

Meanwhile, in response to reports of Downing Street staff filling a suitcase with wine, the official Co-op account tweeted, “I’m afraid we don’t sell wine by the suitcase. Only by bottle. If you want to bring your own suitcase feel free.”

Here are some more of the funniest memes and tweets from across the internet about ‘partygate’.

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Mel C Memoir ‘Who I Am: My Story’: Release Date, Pre-Order & What to Know



Despite previously saying fans would have to wait until she was 80-years-old for an autobiography, Mel C – otherwise known as Melanie Chisholm – is finally set to share her spiced up world with readers this autumn. Taking inspiration from her 2021 single “Who I Am”, Chisholm’s Who I Am: My Story will cover everything from her days as Sporty Spice and her successful career as a solo artist, as well as her experiences with mental health and “the difficulty of finding yourself when the whole world knows your name.”

Set to hit bookshelves on Sep. 22, 2022, you can pre-order Who I Am: My Story from Waterstones for £20 and WHSmith for £16 – both of which include a signed edition of the book. You can also pre-order the Kindle edition from Amazon for £10.39. Who I Am: My Story will also be available as an audiobook.

“It’s taken a long time to feel ready to tell my story,” Chisholm said in a statement. “The last few years have given me an opportunity to reflect on the incredible career I’ve had and the huge obstacles I’ve managed to overcome.” The singer has been very open about her experiences with mental health – particularly depression, body image, and an eating disorder – which occurred frequently during the height of her success in the Spice Girls and as a solo artist.

I had everything I’d ever dreamed of, and was desperately unhappy,” as she told The Guardian in 2020. “It’s often forgotten that people in the public eye are human.”

Chisholm has had years of retrospection, including becoming a mum for the first time as well as returning to the world stage with the Spice Girls in 2019. “I’ve really enjoyed going back and reminding myself of the wonderful journey life has been so far,” the artist said. “I’m very excited to share my experiences with you all.”

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